VR Headset without wires


The future is now!

While the VR industry has been already claimed by Oculus (Facebook) and the HTC Vive, they both lack a very very great feature, being wireless! While playing a game on your VR headset can be entertaining, stepping on cables or pulling the out of your computer is not!

That is what Idealens K2 supposed to fix. It will provide wireless mobility and a 2 hour long lasting battery pack. If this is true, and the quality of the image does not suffer it then it will be great!

There are some companies like HP and Alienware who already tried to solve this issue by designing a backpack which is a computer, and you can connect your VR headset to that, but it is not really popular, because it is not comfortable. Meanwhile, the Idealens K2 has an onboard GPU/CPU combo, so you don’t have to carry around any big equipment. It may be not as powerful as a computer, but it is a lot more mobile.

The headset has a 1080P HD OLED Screen, and an 128 GB SD Card in it, and BlueTooth support.

There are no infos yet when it will be released but we will inform you as soon as we get some dates!

Got a Pendrive in the mail? Do not plug it in!


Did you receive a shady pendrive in your mail today?

Police warns you to do not plug it into your computer! Someone, or a group of men have been dropping misterious pendrives into people mailboxes lately in Australia. The police issued a warning that these pendrive are very dangerous and urged the public not to use them. When they inserted the usb pendrive into their system, they got countless media streaming offers, as well as other very serious issues. These killer pendrives are made out of several high charging capacitors what are charged before they put it inside your mailbox, so when you plug it into your computer a laptop it will deplete that charge, ruining your usb port, or the worst case scenario is that you have to buy a new computer.

This is not the first time people got attacked by something put into their mailboxes. In 2001, 5 people died after letters infected with anthrax spores were sent to media outlets. Of course, this pendrive will not kill you, but it will totally ruin your computer what can make your day worse!

Maybe you are not someone who would plug a mysterious pendrive into his/her USB, but a study shows that 47% of people who find a pendrive in a parking lot, will do it, because they are curious what could be on it. I strongly advise you against it because if it is not a killer usb, then it could be still a crypto pendrives, what encrypts all your data and it is unbreakable, unless you get the key for it, and you can only get that by paying the hacker who done that encrypting.

The concept of the killer pendrive

In the video, you can get a look of what a killer pendrive looks from the inside. Those shiny metal things are capacitors, which get charger by a DC-to-DC converted housed on the board as well. This draws power from the USB port, to charge them to -110v, then sending it back in loops. You can imagine what wonders does it do to your USB port.

The combination of high current and high voltage is often enough to fry some sensitive diodes on the bus lines,  and successfully damage some component and the CPU.

Who would create something like this?

A guy named online as “Dark Purple” claims, that he works for a manufacturer, and he orders custom printed circuit boards from China to make these kind of “weapons”.  He did not plan to use it for any bad purposes, he just wants to troll pick pocketers after he had enough of things stolen on the subway, and train.